Protective Gear

Personal Protective Equipment for Radiation Protection

Firefighters, HazMat teams, paramedics and other first responders need and deserve the best tools available to help save lives and protect the public when responding to a an emergency. The best defense for a first responder is to be well prepared, and when seconds count it’s not only the skill level of the first responder that matters, but to also have the appropriate protective gear and decontamination solutions. NATS offers personal protective equipment for radiation protection for first responders and emergency response personnel.

Demron Radiation Protection Suit

Tailored for Evacuation and Renumeration in a Dispersed Low Energy Environment, the Demron™ Radiation Protection Suit is a full body suit complete with an integrated hood, heat sealed seams, and seam seal tape for added protection. The suit was engineered to provide protection during the evacuation of a dirty bomb. Due to advanced molecular design, the Demron™ coverall allows for better heat dissipation than other impermeable protective fabrics, providing the user with a cooler core environment. The suit is an excellent shield of high energy beta particles, such as those emitted from  Strontium-90, and provides at least 50% shielding of gamma rays up to 130 Kev.


  • Integrated hood
  • Heat sealed seams
  • Seam seal tape
  • Cooler core environment
  • Integrated belt to shift weight bearing to the hips
  • 100% alpha and low energy beta shielding
  • 70% high energy beta shielding (Sr-90)
  • 50% gamma shielding up to 130 Kev
  • Durable – 159 tensile strength
  • Flexible and non-cracking
  • Hand-washable
  • Protects against biological agents
  • Impervious to ammonia, chlorine, and dimethyl sulfate

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NBC PAPD Respiratory Kit

A reliable NBC escape system developed by the same company who designed and produced NASA’s astronaut suits and over 1 million masks for all branches of the U.S. military. The NBC escape hood’s unique design allows for normal speaking & hearing, permits use of telephones, cell phones and other communication devices. Produces minimal pressure on the neck from the neckdam. Operates 4 hours using included battery pack. The kit is…

  • Foolproof: No Training Required – Simply Open & Put It On
  • Comfortable: Lightweight, Great fit, Large clear visor
  • Trusted Protection: Protects against chemical warfare agents, biological, radiological, and nuclear inhalations particulates


  • Equals or exceeds performance or current U.S. military C2A1 filters
  • Visor and hood materials tested against agents GB, HD, and VX
  • Positive pressure hood is ideal for people with ailments, beards, or glasses
  • Clear wide vision hood and so lightweight, it’s virtually indiscemible, plus it has NO uncomfortable nose cup (as in most un-blown hoods)

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Protective Gear

NATS offers protective gear and decontamination solutions that are suitable for use in many situations and facilities, such as a nuclear power plants and waste facilities as well as first responders and the general public.

Tychem Chemical Suits Tychem chemical suits

Protection against…

  • Toxic, corrosive gases
  • Liquid and solid chemicals

VivoMetic LifeShirt

  • Designed for comfort and function
  • Integrated sensors provide more real-time data
  • Monitor up to 25 team members
  • Easily integrated into existing radio and proprietary telemetry systems

Emergency RadDecon Kit

Used by…
Emergency RadDecon Kit

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Nuclear waste facilities
  • First responders
  • General public

First Responder Radiation Protection Suit

  • Handwashable
  • Protects against biological agents
  • Impervious to ammonia, chlorine and dimethyl sulfate
  • Reports critical dose and stay-time data
  • Stores event data in internal memory
  • Allows data download to a PC for processing & analysis

C420-PAPR – Powered Air Purifying Respirator Purifying Respirator

  • Sleek, low profile that is light weight and comfortable
  • Meets stringent NOISH airflow and Mil-Spec vacuum test requirements
  • Easy decontamination
  • AV-2000 allows for interface with all of Scott’s communication devices
  • Comes complete with blower unit assembly, breathing tube assembly, battery pack and air flow indicator

ProMask Gas Mask

  • Multi-function, full face mask
  • Protection against wide variety of respiratory hazards
  • Comfort, convenience and reliable performance

Molded Glove and Lightweight Overboot

  • 24 hour protection against chemical and biological warfare agents
  • Can be fully decontaminated
  • Rubber butyl compound
  • Available in numerous sizes

High Capacity Decon Sheltershelter

  • Pre-fabricated decontamination design insures state-of-the-art performance, reliability and speed of deployment.
  • Integral fabric booms, pre-plumed Quick Connects and patented articulating frame reduces set-up time, maintains system integrity and increases functionality.
  • Curtain set with ground clips segregates, male, female and non-ambulatory patients.

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