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Our Company Focus

North American Technical Services (NATS) is a leading provider of customized radiation detection and analysis along with unique chemical sensing instruments. For over 15 years our focus has been providing advanced  technological innovations in radiation detection and analysis systems. NATS has introduced cutting edge tools in nuclear power, research, environmental measurements, homeland security, radiation monitoring systems, radiation dosimetry, nuclear educational systems, health physics and more recently on chemical detection systems.

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Our Expertise

NATS offers systems for users in Nuclear Power Plants, Homeland Security Agencies, Customs and Border Patrol, National Atomic Energy Agencies, Nuclear Regulatory Agencies, Hospitals, and in Research Establishments worldwide.

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Advantages of Working With Us

  • Single source for almost all radiation detection applications 
  • Accumulated knowledge of over a dozen Nuclear Manufacturers 
  • Integrated knowledge from a network of over a hundred Nuclear Specialists worldwide 
  • Only company to offer multiple solutions objectively for an application without bias towards a specific system
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Bridging Technology

Working in some 30 countries, NATS continues to bridge technology with up-to-date solutions in the areas of radiation and chemical detection solutions. 

By deploying a horizontal, well connected global resource network, NATS maintains a distinctive competitive edge in human resources. With offices and distribution networks located in key areas the specific needs are accommodated by a seamless worldwide network of knowledge and expertise.

NATS is committed to staying on top of technological innovations to meet your needs in the areas of our expertise and thus fulfilling our mission of “Bridging  Technology”.

Exclusive Distribution and Service Network In Over 20 Countries

By employing a well-connected global resource network, we maintain a distinctive competitive edge in human resources.

NATS global resource network

Selected List

Recent Major Projects & Customers

  • US Department of Energy- Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Partnered in Major Project)
  • Honeywell Aerospace USA
  • Saudi Arabian Civil Defense
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • US Navy Nuclear Laboratory – Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
  • Argentina Atomic Energy Agency
  • Korea Hydro Nuclear Power (KHNP)
  • Malaysia Nuclear Agency
  • Atomic Energy Licensing Board Malaysia
  • Qatar Steel Company
  • Saudi Arabian Ministry of Water
  • Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health
  • Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health
  • Dubai Municipality, UAE
  • Turkish Atomic Energy Agency
  • Bangladesh Atomic Energy Agency
  • Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority
  • Singapore Ministry of Health
  • National Technical University of Singapore
  • Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health
  • National Atomic Energy of Indonesia (BATAN)
  • Connecticut State Police
  • Bahrain Civil Defense
  • RTML Laboratory, Chittagong Bangladesh