NATS Inc. of Middletown, Connecticut, USA Wins Contract For Radiation Plume Tracking System


NATS Incorporated (North American Technical Services Inc.) of Middletown, Connecticut, USA was awarded a second contract from the government of Kuwait for an Advanced Early Warning System. The second phase of the contract involves development of an advanced software modeling system coupled with radiation sensors and meteorological sensors in the area to track and model radioactive plume.

The Company President Syed R. Maswood stated that NATS Inc. has established its name as a global leader in providing Advanced Radiation Early Warning Systems. Mr. Maswood Further stated that this project will be the first of its kind and NATS is proud to be a recipient of such a contract that would deliver one of the most advanced early warning systems in the world.

NATS Inc. has completed similar projects in Oman, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. However the Kuwaiti project would be the first in the Middle East to utilize complex environmental and terrain data along with data from Meteorological and radiation sensors track radioactive dispersion from a source to areas up to 60 Kilometers from the sensing stations. The project may also allow the user to back calculate the radioactivity concentration at the release points as long as it met certain distance limitation.

The first phase of this project was also unique in the region involved delivering capabilities to the State of Kuwait to monitor radiation from fixed ground stations and mobile stations and transmit the information live time to a central base station. The radiation data involved detecting low levels of gamma radiation and suspected alpha/beta particulates in air. The data can be transmitted using any communication media including phone lines and also via GSM/GPRS/CSDT protocols.

The system offered by NATS Incorporated in unique in the world as it allows the integration of land based radiation sensors to monitor gamma radiation, alpha/beta particulates, radioactive iodine, with marine (sea based) sensors, and sensors installed in Command Vehicles. NATS provides the sensors, software, all specialized engineering, installation and training.

NATS has extensive experience in all types of surface, airborne, marine sensing systems for radiation. In addition NATS offers a whole range of tools for first responders and border and port security systems. NATS Inc. offers advanced systems for nuclide identification, non destructive assay, nuclear waste tomography. NATS Incorporated is global leader in radiation and toxic gas sensing systems.

NATS is represented in over 20 countries around the world and continues to provide world class solution in all radiation and toxic gas sensing systems around the world.

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