NATS Incorporated Opens French Office


NATS Incorporated ( has executed an agreement with REXON Components Corporation of Beachwood, Ohio, USA for a joint venture in France. The NATS-REXON subsidiary in France will embark on an ambitious plan to offer Thermo Luminescent Dosimtery (TLD Systems) and Scintillation Detectors and materials to European and Rest of the World (ROW) Markets.

Historically, REXON Components Inc. was the second spin-off (1983) from the Harshaw Chemical Co. which pioneered the development of inorganic scintillators in this country and the free-world. REXON’s creation originated due to a change in Harshaw’s management and philosophy. The founder, Dr. M. R. Farukhi had served at Harshaw as Group Leader for Measurements (R/D), Director of Production Engineering, and finally as Manager of Nuclear Products and Systems. Several of Dr. Farukhi’s publications now serve as references for the properties of scintillators.

REXON’s managers are veterans in the Nuclear Radiation Detector industry with primary experience at Harshaw. REXON Components is at the forefront of Homeland Security and now offers alternatives to the Old Hershaw 4500, 6600, and 8800 TLD Systems and consumables.

REXON’s Products and Services will now cover the entire gamut of products offered by the SGIC Companies of France which include the now-defunct Harshaw Q/S, and Crismatec lines. The new agreement compliments the range of nuclear products and services offer buy NATS Incorporated. A more detailed press release will follow in the coming weeks.