NATS Incorporated wins Major National Early Warning Contract from State of Kuwait


NATS Incorporated (North American Technical Services Incorporated) of Middletown, Connecticut won a major national early warning system project from the State of Kuwait.

The project involves the establishment of 15 surface radiation early warning stations in the country and two mobile stations. NATS is a worldwide provider and market leader in the area of radiation detection systems, toxic gas detection systems, and contraband analysis systems. NATS has offices and Distributors worldwide including directly offices in the USA, France, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, and Argentina.

NATS Incorporated USA won its third major national early warning contract from Kuwait. Earlier NATS delivered national systems to Oman, and Iraq, and advanced radiosonde systems to Saudi Arabia.

NATS-USA Incorporated is the market leader in the Middle East and Asia in radiation detection systems. In addition NATS provides complete solution for multi sensory systems involving the detection/early warning of radiation, toxic gas, explosives, and contraband. NATS has Sales and Support offices around the world including direct offices in USA, France, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE.

NATS-USA provides complete solutions in advanced national early warnings systems, waste measurements systems, whole body counters, health physics instruments, toxic gas analyzers systems, portable explosive detection systems, cargo scanning systems, and border protection systems. NATS provides customized software and hardware for unique solutions.