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NATS offers innovative and ultra fast solution for detection of large numbers of chemicals, explosives, contra band drugs and chemical warfare agents. These systems can be integrated without radiation systems. Some of these solution can be mounted on manned or unmanned aerial vehicles/Drones.

NATS is a leading provider of customized radiation detection and analysis along with unique chemical sensing instruments. For over 15 years our focus has been providing advanced  technological innovations in radiation detection and analysis systems.

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Benefits of Working With NATS

  • NATS is a Single Source for almost all  radiation detection applications
  • It is single source for accumulated knowledge of over dozen Nuclear Manufacturers
  • It is Single Source for integrated knowledge from a network of over hundred Nuclear Specialists worldwide
  • The Only Company to offer multiple solutions objectively for an application without bias towards a specific system

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Our breadth of high-quality radiation detection technologies will ensure the safety of our customers and our environment with today’s solutions for tomorrow’s world.