Environmental & Food Monitoring Systems

Monitoring Systems for Food and Water

Various governmental agencies are responsible for routine monitoring of drinking water and certain foods, including milk, for the presence of various contaminants including radionuclides. Enhanced monitoring may be done if radiation or other kinds of hazardous incidents occur.

NATS provides a complete array of systems measurement for:


Environmental Monitoring Systems

NATS Produces on line, In-Situ and Laboratory based systems for measurement of air, drinking water, sea water, wells, and soil for protecting the human above limit exposure to radiation naturally in the environmental or manmade releases.

These include:

  • In-Situ Detection and Identification devices for radiation
  • On-Line Systems for measurement radiation in water and air
  • Air Monitoring Systems
  • Environmental Radiation Laboratories

Working in some 30 countries NATS continues to bridge technology with up-to-date solutions in the areas of radiation and chemical detection solutions.

NATS is committed to staying on top of technological innovations to meet your needs in the areas of our expertise and thus fulfilling our mission of “Bridging  Technology”.

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Benefits of Working With NATS

  • NATS is a Single Source for almost all  radiation detection applications 
  • It is single source for accumulated knowledge of over dozen Nuclear Manufacturers 
  • It is Single Source for integrated knowledge from a network of over hundred Nuclear Specialists worldwide 
  • The Only Company to offer multiple solutions objectively for an application without bias towards a specific system

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Our breadth of high-quality radiation detection technologies will ensure the safety of our customers and our environment with today’s solutions for tomorrow’s world.