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Helping Enable Healthier Lives

At NATS our mission is to help enable healthier lives for all by improving the avoidance, detection, and treatment of cancer.

Health Physics: the science of human health and radiation exposure

Health physics is devoted to protecting people and their environment from potential radiation hazards, while making it possible to enjoy the beneficial uses of radiation. 

Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation cannot be avoided. It also has been beneficial to human beings in areas ranging from medical diagnosis and therapy to scientific research to generating electrical power. However, when used in large quantities or in unsafe ways, ionizing radiation can harm living organisms.

Care must be taken to properly use equipment and to minimize the potential for unnecessary radiation exposure to individuals or environmental contamination in medical, research, or power generation activities. The health physicist is prominent among scientists charged with controlling the beneficial use of ionizing radiation while protecting workers and the public from potential hazards.

Ionizing Radiation
Medical Physics

Medical Physics

Medical physics refers to the application of physics in medical diagnosis and treatment. Medical physics is encompassed by four subfields, seen below. It is a medical physicist’s responsibility to design, develop, test and assess these factors, using specialist knowledge of radiation physics and other technical disciplines. Both Health physics and Medical Physics is devoted to radiation detecting and quantifying the amount of radiation exposed to humans and their safety.

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NATS provides solutions to both Health and Medical Physics disciplines in the form of detection devices, systems, and software to effectively protect and carry out the functions of the whole domain of Health Physics.

  • Survey and Contamination Meters / Probes
  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-ray Probes
  • Neutron Survey Instruments
  • Emergency Response Kits
  • Area Monitors and Wireless Networks
  • Laundry Monitors
  • Hand & Foot Monitors
  • Access Control Contamination Monitors
  • Personal Portal Monitors
  • Access Control Systems
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