Radiation Dosimetry Solutions

What is Radiation Dosimetry?

Radiation dosimetry is the measurement, calculation and assessment of the Radiation absorbed by humans in terms of radiation doses and assigning those doses to individuals. It is the science and practice that attempts to quantitatively relate specific measures made in a radiation field to chemical and/or biological changes that the radiation would produce in a target.

NATS is a leading provider of customized radiation detection and analysis along with unique chemical sensing instruments. For over 15 years our focus has been providing advanced technological innovations in radiation detection and analysis systems.

NATS provides solutions in all areas of Radiation Dosimetry

Radiation Dosimetry
  • External Dosimetry
  • Internal Dosimetry
  • Personal Dosimetry
  • Active and Passive Dosimetry
  • Environmental Dose assessment systems

Our Expertise

NATS offers systems for users in Nuclear Power Plants, Homeland Security Agencies, Customs and Border Patrol, National Atomic Energy Agencies, Nuclear Regulatory Agencies, Hospitals, and in Research Establishments worldwide.

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Our breadth of high-quality radiation detection technologies will ensure the safety of our customers and our environment with today’s solutions for tomorrow’s world.