Radiation Detection Company, NATS Incorporated and General Electric Sign International Trade Agreement


General Electric (GE) is one of the largest technology companies in the world, with its headquarters located in Connecticut. For over a decade NATS Incorporated in Middletown, Connecticut has been a prime supplier of large radiation detecting and monitoring networks worldwide.

NATS Incorporated and GE recently signed an International Trade Partnership (ITP) agreement. The agreement now allows NATS to feature advanced GE products relevant to the ITP agreement.

The NATS-GE agreement will enhance NATS ability to offer its customers highly sophisticated low level environmental area monitors in concert with existing NATS products used in environmental radiation detection.

NATS offers systems for Users in Nuclear Power Plants, Homeland Security Agencies, Customs and Border Patrol, National Atomic Energy Agencies, Nuclear Regulatory Agencies, Hospitals, and in research establishments worldwide.

NATS Products includes germanium (HpGe) detectors, gamma spectroscopy systems, alpha spectroscopy systems, low level alpha beta counting systems, liquid scintillation systems, health physics instruments, whole body counters, and customized radiation detection networks for surface, airborne, or marine applications.

NATS has recently announced a series of new products at the US Annual Health Physics Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin. These include:

  1. Spectroscopy grade mobile survey and early warning systems for radiation
  2. HAWK: A next generation high resolution portable germanium detector based spectroscopy system which is the world’s lightest germanium detector based portable spectroscopy system
  3. ARIA and Jaguar MCA Systems for Medium Resolution Spectroscopy Systems.
  4. Monte Carlo Efficiency Modeling Software for Semi-Conductor and Scintillation Detectors: Compatible with Semi-Conductor and Scintillation Detectors for Source Free Calibration using multiple templates to choose from, and the option to create your own templates for various complex source-detector geometries.

An expanded list of NATS products and services used in radiation detection and analysis are listed below

  • High Resolution Gamma spectrometry solutions
  • High Resolution X-Ray Systems
  • Medium Resolution Gamma spectrometry systems based on Lanthanum Bromide and NaI detectors
  • Sample changes for high throughput Gamma spectroscopy systems
  • Low level Alpha/Beta counting systems
  • Alpha Spectroscopy Systems
  • Liquid Scintillation Analysis Systems
  • In-Situ Spectroscopy Systems
  • Field Inspection and Nuclide Identification Systems
  • Whole Body and In-Vivo counting Systems with Analysis Software
  • Body Contamination Systems based on Sealed Gas detectors
  • Waste assay systems: Fixed and Portable
  • Portals monitoring and Border control Systems
  • Advanced Early Radiation Monitoring Systems (RMS) based on Gamma, Particulates, and Iodine CAM/PIFF
  • Mobile Inspection Vehicles
  • Mobile Radiation Laboratories
  • External Dosimetry systems and accessories
  • Educational and Training Systems
  • Consulting Services

NATS currently offers instruments and systems used in all aspects of nuclear radiation detection and analysis. These areas include nuclear spectroscopy, radiation dosimetry, health physics, environmental analysis and in medical applications.

NATS continues its efforts to innovate via partnership with reputable organizations like GE to provide systems offering the best price to performance ratio for its customers worldwide.

Visit NATS on line at https://www.nats-usa.com.

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