Radiation Detection Company, NATS Incorporated Introduces Several Systems for Radiation Detection and Analysis of Seawater


NATS Incorporated in Middletown, Connecticut has been a prime supplier of large radiation detecting and monitoring networks worldwide. NATS has expanded its product lines to provide highly specialized systems for radiation analysis of seawater.

Three major categories of systems are now available from NATS in marine and seawater monitoring of radiation applications. These are Remote-Real Time On Line Measurement Systems deployed over a wide area with a base station, Submersible In-Spectroscopy systems based on high resolution submarine Germanium detectors, and various Laboratory Systems for secondary offline line analysis of water samples for radiation.

  1. Systems for On-Line, Real Time, Remote Sensing of Radiation Detection in SeawaterOn-line, real time remote monitoring of gamma radiation in seawater using spectroscopy and gross monitoring detectors can be deployed using NATS systems. These systems can be deployed with radiation sensors deployed over a wide area with remote command and control of center with data transmission to base station. This system deploy the widely highly flexible system control, monitoring, display and analysis software. The system can expanded to increase number of stations and add additional types of sensors. Data transmission can be accomplished by Fiber Optics, VSAT, GPRS, Wireless, or WLAN/TCPIP protocols.A second type of On-line remote monitoring of seawater for gamma radiation also utilizes gamma spectroscopy detectors. This system allows remote command and control of sensors with data transmission to based station based on TCPIP protocol. NATS provide a wide range choice of choices offering several different spectroscopy systems with affordable budgets offering varying levels of sophistication in real time remote sensing, on-line measurements, data transfer and data management.A third type of On-line monitoring system for water can be used at supply station at water inlet with no need for remote sensors for gamma and alpha and beta radiation.
  2. IN-SITU Deep water Spectroscopy & Inspection SystemsDeep water High Resolution Germanium Detector based Gamma Spectrometer for In-Situ Spectroscopy of Sea water. Deepwater gamma spectrometer in submarine capsules are designed to detect and analyze gamma radionucldes in deep seawater. These systems can be deployed for monitoring the seabed in depths up to 3000 meters for objects emitting radiation from marine accidents, storage of radioactive waste, search of lost nuclear devices, or routine inspection. They are also designed for marine research of the sea water and the seabed.
  3. Laboratory Systems for Secondary Analysis of Water.The Laboratory systems for secondary analysis of water samples in secure includes systems for all types of radiation analysis of marine or seawater samples. These include four types Laboratory Grade Systems:
    1. Systems for Gamma Spectroscopic Analysis of Seawater suing High Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy Detector & Gamma Spectroscopic analysis of sea water using Sodium Iodide or Lanthanum Bromide Detector
    2. Systems Liquid Scintillation Counter based on the advanced “Proton-Electron” Rejection Technique used by US EPA and many others for LSC applications with all required sample preparation reagents
    3. Alpha Spectroscopy Systems for identification of alpha emitting nuclides with Passivated Ion Implanted Detectors (PIPS) with sample preparation accessories
    4. Low Level alpha Beta counting of seawater based on low level gas flow system

NATS has been involved in many projects for Nuclear Radiation Detection Instruments and Systems including those used in Environmental Laboratory and in Radiochemistry Application.
NATS currently offers instruments and systems used in all aspects of nuclear radiation detection and analysis. These areas include nuclear spectroscopy, radiation dosimetry, health physics, environmental analysis and in medical applications.

NATS designs and manufactures certain instruments, provides customized designs for systems, and integrates products and systems using a list of partners specialized in the Radiation Field located in the USA and Europe.

NATS offers systems for Users in Nuclear Power Plants, Homeland Security Agencies, Customs and Border Patrol, National Atomic Energy Agencies, Nuclear Regulatory Agencies, Hospitals, and in Research Establishments worldwide.

List of additional NATS products and services used in radiation detection and analysis are listed below

  • High Resolution Gamma spectrometry solutions
  • High Resolution X-Ray Systems
  • Medium Resolution Gamma spectrometry systems based on Lanthanum Bromide and NaI detectors
  • Sample changes for high throughput Gamma spectroscopy systems
  • Low level Alpha/Beta counting systems
  • Alpha Spectroscopy Systems
  • Liquid Scintillation Analysis Systems
  • In-Situ Spectroscopy Systems
  • Field Inspection and Nuclide Identification Systems
  • Whole Body and In-Vivo counting Systems with Analysis Software
  • Body Contamination Systems based on Sealed Gas detectors
  • Waste assay systems: Fixed and Portable
  • Portals monitoring and Border control Systems
  • Advanced Early Radiation Monitoring Systems (RMS) based on Gamma, Particulates, and Iodine CAM/PIFF
  • Mobile Inspection Vehicles
  • Mobile Radiation Laboratories
  • External Dosimetry systems and accessories
  • Educational and Training Systems
  • Consulting Services

NATS currently offers instruments and systems used in all aspects of nuclear radiation detection and analysis. These areas include nuclear spectroscopy, radiation dosimetry, health physics, environmental analysis and in medical applications.

NATS continues its efforts to innovate via partnership with reputable to provide systems offering the best price to performance ratio for its customers worldwide.

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