VIVOMETRICS Selects NATS Inc. (North American Technical Services) of Middletown, Connecticut, USA as a Strategic Partner to Distribute the VivoResponder System in the United States and Around the World


North American Technical Services (“NATS Inc.”) of Middletown, CT has become a strategic partners of VivoMetrics Inc. of Ventura, California to distribute the VivoResponder™ System in the United States and around the world. NATS is a global leader in providing emergency responders with cutting-edge detection and measurement tools.

“We are pleased to welcome NATS as our newest partner to help us meet the increasing demand for the VivoResponder System,” said Paul Kennedy, president and chief executive officer of VivoMetrics. “NATS’ name-recognition among our potential customers, as well as its geographic reach, allows VivoMetrics to more fully meet the needs of the responder community for physiological monitoring to improve safety and performance.”

The VivoResponder System is a lightweight, compact, non-invasive, continuous life-sign monitoring system specifically tailored to meet the needs of the first responder and biohazard markets. It was developed following extensive study of VivoMetrics’ LifeShirt® System in firefighters and other first responders such as military personnel. It features greater range of motion, increased comfort, an enhanced design making it suitable for hostile environments, and analysis software that allows quick monitoring of up to 25 team members simultaneously.

The VivoResponder™ is a real-time, life-sign monitoring system. It can gather crucial data on individual team members’ respiratory, cardiac, and other physiologic indicators before, during and after activity — whether it is during a training exercise or in the middle of an actual emergency response.

Key features of VivoResponder™ include:

  • A lightweight and comfortable chest strap that provides individual physiological data in real-time.
  • Designed to withstand even the most stressful environments
  • Embedded life-sign sensors that relay heart rate, breathing rate, activity, posture and skin temperature data to a remote command center in real time
  • At-a-glance, easy-to-read interface that alerts commanders and safety officers to potential problem situations Integrates easily into existing radio and telemetry systems

The VivoResponder™ system can help safety officers and incident commanders determine when their key personnel are in danger by indicating when incoming data appears to be abnormal during:

  • Firefighting and hazmat training
  • Fire and hazmat emergencies
  • Industrial clean-ups with heavy, hot, protective gear
  • Biohazard occupational work

“Our customers in the first responder sector have been very vocal about the need for a tool that provides real-time physiologic monitoring while they are in actual emergency situations and during training,” said Syed Maswood, President of NATS. “The VivoResponder System gives them the opportunity to improve operational efficiencies by reducing risk and the downstream problems and costs that arise from accidents. We expect rapid adoption of this system from many of our customers.”

About NATS:
North American Technical Services (NATS Incorporated) is a multinational corporation endeavoring to introduce, employ and simplify the application of cutting edge technological innovations in detection and measurement sciences. For over a decade NATS and its twin company Neurotech Analytical Instruments have worked in over 20 countries around the globe to introduce cutting edge tools in the areas of radiation measurements, environmental pollution control, elemental analysis, medical diagnostic sciences, and more recently in the areas of homeland security.

About VivoMetrics:
VivoMetrics, founded in 1999 and based in Ventura, Calif., provides non-invasive products and services, using its proprietary LifeShirt® technology, which continuously monitor vital, life-sign functions, such as heart rate, ECG, respiration rate, flow, and volume, posture, and activity. The company’s offerings, based on patented, field-tested technologies, were initially focused on improving the speed, outcomes and economics of pharmaceutical research. Since its inception, the company has further expanded its offerings for use by military, first responder and biohazard personnel, as well as athletes and for clinical, academic and corporate research.

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